If you feel like you want to get away for a few days then a trip from Valencia to Alicante is a great choice. Alicante hosts a great array of options and you will want to spend at least a weekend to get to grips with all the sights. You can get to Alicante from Valencia quite easily by either bus or train.

Main Sights
First on the map should be the port, with its array of quaint cafes for the preparation for a long day. Once you feel you have the caffeine kick then head over to the town. Alicante has a significant religious influence surrounding it and this is portrayed with the first sight, the Catedral de San Nicolas. Located in Plaza abad Penalva, construction on the catheral began in 1616. Today it is considered a top example of the Spanish Baroque and boasts an exquisite exterior with an equally impressive interior. You may also want to go to Iglesia de Santa Maria, created by Juan Bautista Borja. Its construction began around the 14th century and the church was completed in the 16th. The golden altar is stunning and it holds many pieces of art within the church itself, for example the sculpture of Saint John Osona.

There are also a few museums that are definately worth checking out. The first on the list is without a doubt the MARQ (Museo Arqueologico Provincial), Alicante's archaeological museum. Within, you can peruse a wide range of interactive exhibits dedicated to Alicante's past settlers.

If you're in the party mood then look no further, as Alicante is home to some fantastic celebrations. The top event of the year is the Fiesta de Sant Joan, which is held each year in late June. It is considered quite similar to Las Fallas with an abundance of brass bands, bonfires and fireworks- not a time or place to get any sleep!