Nightlife in Valencia, Spain


As Spain's third largest city, Valencia's nightlife is right on par with the after-dark playgrounds of Madrid and Barcelona. A large and diverse student population yields an eclectic collection of bars and clubs that don't slow down until the sun comes up. From grungy rock bars to sophisticated cocktail lounges, laid-back cafés and frenetic discotecas, a night out in Valencia is a whirl of music and energy that you're not likely to forget.

Plus, Valencia doesn't have just one happening nightlife "zone." Clusters of crowded locales are dispersed throughout the various areas of the city, ranging from the historic inner city to the modern beach front. One sure-fire area to go to is El Carmen, especially around the Plaza San Jaime. Known as one of the liveliest zones in which to go out, it's a diverse jumble of restaurants, cafés and music bars perfect for bar-hopping your way around Valencia's most atmospheric area.

Another option is to head to the University area; the Avenidas (Avenues) Aragón and Blasco Ibáñez- and the web of streets brancing off of them- are brimming with bars and clubs of all types that keep the area grooving well into the morning. During the summer-time, people spend their days at the beach and their nights... back at the beach. Running along the Malvarrosa are stylish bars and clubs that welcome both tourists and locals looking for a wild night of drinking, dancing and general diversion through their doors.

Valencia's nightlife scene gathers steam around 11:00pm but really doesn't take off until the wee hours of the morning. Most bars close down around 3:00am or 4:00am, but the fun is really just beginning as clubs keep the doors open and the music pumping until around 7:30am. Learn more about Valencia nightlife below!