Fitness in Valencia, Spain


Before relaxing on Valencia's beautiful beaches, many of us like to feel as though we've earnt the rest. More often than not we suffer from mental exertion whilst we have not done enough physical exercise. Keeping fit is not only a means to staying in shape but can also be great fun - you just need to find the type of exercise that best suits you. A hardcore workout shakes off that lethargic feeling, giving us more energy in the long run. On the other hand, practising a martial art or a wellbeing sport like Yoga or Pilates can help to revive mind and body.

Valencia is a lively city with a lot of choice and opportunities to have a go at anything from aerobics to taekwondo so check out our Valencia Fitness Directory and give something new a go in Valencia.

Valencia Fitness Directory

Atalanta Club Olympico
Joaquin Costa 7, 46005 Valencia
Tel: +34 963951376

Atalanta Club Olympico
Ramon Asensio 10, 46020, Valencia
Tel: +34 963601161

Budo Kwai Karate Club
Burriana 47, 46005, Valencia
Tel: +34 963331096

Chang Taekwondo
Matias Perello 43, 46005, Valencia
Tel: +34 963736954

Class Gym (Women's only gym)
Calle Caravaca 14, 46021, Valencia
Tel: +34 963624758

Classic Club Deportivo
Calle Timoneda 9, 46008, Valencia
Tel: +34 963853564

Fitness First
Gran Vía de Germanias 43, 46006, Valencia
Tel: +34 963107600

IVAD Academia (Valencian Institute of Self Defence)
Calle de Cavite 181, 46011, Valencia
Tel: +34 963279977

Piscina Valencia
Paseo de la Alameda, Valencia
Tel: +34 963618217

Squash Gimnasio Ruzafa
Los Centelles 19, 46006, Valencia
Tel: +34 963739805

Tyris Spa and Fitness
Avenida del Reino de Valencia 10 bajo, 46005, Valencia
Tel: +34 963354969