Valencia Tourist Card


valencia tourist cardWhat is the Valencia Tourist Card?
A great way for tourists to save a few bucks during their travels, the Valencia Tourist Card is a combined card offering free public transport (city bus, metro) and tons of discounts. Depending on your personal itinerary, you can buy a Valencia Tourist Card for one, two, or three days, a purchase that will gain you free or admission to museums as well as knocked-down rates on anything from restaurant bills and bar tabs to bike tours, spas and internet cafés. Establishments offering discounts for Valencia Tourist Card buyers are indicated with a sticker, so you'll always know where to use it!

Where can I use the Valencia Tourist Card?

How much does a Valencia Tourist Card cost?

  • One-day card: € 6.00
  • Two-day card: € 10.00
  • Three-day card: € 15.00

Where can I buy the Valencia Tourist Card?

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