Arts Festivals in Valencia, Spain


When they're not taking part in pyrotechnic shenanigans or elaborate processions, valencianos can be found reveling in their city's celebrated cultural scene. With all sorts of arts festivals - music, art, theater, film, dance- lined up throughout the year, Valencia's already jam-packed agenda offers up enough to satisfy and delight even the most demanding culture vulture.

Music Festivals

  • RockEnFallas
    When: March (with Las Fallas)
    Where: Falla Els Generals (c/ General Lloréns)
    What: Up and coming groups of various genres - pop, latino, rock, acoustic, heavy metal, etc. - looking for the opportunity to perform live in front of a crowd
    Official Website: (in Spanish)
  • Certamen Internacional de Bandas de Música
    (International Band Competition)
    When: March (with Las Fallas)
    Where: Palau de Música, Plaza de Toros
    What: International competition of brass bands
    Official Website: (in Valenciano, Spanish, English)
  • musicFoc in Festival
    When: March (with Las Fallas)
    Where: Jungle
    What: Independent and alternative music performances as well as other artistic tendencies like graffiti, exhibits, etc.
    Official Website:
  • Festival Internacional de Música Antigua
    (International Festival of Ancient Music)
    When: Monthly performances between April and December
    Where: La Lonja
    What: Traditional music
  • Burjarock
    When: June
    Where: Campo de Fútbol del Polideportivo de Burjassot (Burjassot Sports Complex's Football Field)
    What: National and international punk rock bands
  • Jornadas Internacionales de Guitarra de Valencia
    (Valencian International Guitar Sessions)
    When: June
    Where: Universitat and Palau de la Música
    What: Activities and concerts featuring the guitar
  • Jazz Panorama
    When: July
    Where: Auditorio de Torrent (Torrent, Valencia)
    What: Jazz and blues
    Official Website: (in Spanish, Valenciano, English)
  • Festival de Jazz del Palau de la Música de Valencia
    When: July
    Where: Palau de la Música
    What: Jazz
    Official Website: (in Spanish, Valenciano)
  • classical musicianClassical Music in July
    When: July
    Where: Antigua Universidad (Former University)
    What: Classical music
  • Apuesta 07
    When: August
    Where: Stages along the Playa del Arenal
    What: Up and coming musicians who don't yet have representation or don't have records in the works yet
  • Operalia
    When: October
    Where: Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía
    What: International opera competition arranged by the Operalia Associotion under the management of Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo
    Official Website: (in English)

Theater Festivals

  • VEO - Festival Valencia Escena Oberta
    When: February
    Where: Streets, bridges, plazas, metro stations, bus stops and theater venues throughout city
    What: Theater
    Official Website: (in Spanish, Valenciano, English)
  • Festival de Pequeño Teatro Radio City
    (Radio City Small Theater Festival)
    When: October-November
    Where: Radio City (c/ Santa Teresa, 19)
    What: Vanguard theater: comedy, satire, drama, musical, pantomime, circus, improvisation
    Official Website: (in Spanish)

Film Festivals

  • Festival de Cortometrajes Radio City
    (Radio City Short Film Festival)
    When: May-June
    Where: Radio City (c/ Santa Teresa, 19)
    What: Spanish short films
    Official Website: (in Spanish)
  • Festival Internacional de Cine Cinema Jove
    (International Festival of Young Filmmakers)
    When: June
    Where: Cultural centers throughout the city, especially the Mercado Internacional del Cortometraje
    What: Up and coming international filmmakers, full-length and short films
    Official Website: (in Spanish, English)
  • La Filmoteca d'Estiu
    When: July-September
    Where: Palau de la Música gardens
    What: Open-air film festival open-air film festival featuring cult and classic films
    Official Website: (in Spanish)
  • Mostra de Valencia - Cinema del Mediterrani
    (Mediterranean Cinema Festival)
    When: October
    Where: Various locales: Cines UGC Ciné Cité, Fundación Municipal de Cine, Paseo de la Mostra, Museo de la Ciudad, Instituto Francés de Valencia
    What: Competitions, conferences, and film series focusing on Mediterranean cinema
    Official Website: (in Spanish)

Other Arts Festivals

  • Dansa València
    (Valencia Dance)
    When: April-May
    Where: Teatro Principal
    What: Dance troupes from throughout Spain
    Official Website:
  • Feria del Libro de Valencia
    (Valencia Book Fair)
    When: April-May)
    Where: Jardines de Viveros
    What: Book fair: buying and selling books, readings, conferences, workshops, etc.
    Official Website: (in Valenciano, Spanish)
  • Observatori - Festival Internacional de Investigación Artística
    (International Festival of Artistic Investigation)
    When: May
    Where: Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe
    What: Contemporary art
    Official Website: (in Spanish, English)
  • Festival de las Naciones
    (Festival of Nations)
    When: June
    Where: Turia riverbed and Promenade of the City of Arts and Sciences
    What: Multicultural festival featuring music, dance, gastronomy...
    Official Website: (in Spanish)
  • Festival Internacional de Pirotecnia
    (International Festival of Pyrotechnics)
    When: October 6-8
    Festival Description: Giant fireworks competition and festival
  • Biennial de Valencia
    When: September-November
    Where: Different space chosen each year
    What: A tribute to the arts: dance, music, cinematography, folklore, concerts, fashion, architecture, design, photography, advertising, mass media, etc.
    Official Website: (in Spanish, Valenciano, English)