Drinks & Sweets in Valencia, Spain


Valencia Drinks
spanish wineValencia is renowned for quite a few tasty beverages, most notably wine, horchata de chufas and "agua de Valencia." Valencia has a permanent place in Spain's increasingly renowned wine industry with its selection of white, sweet, rosé and red wines. Its red wines, the most notorious of the pack, are fruity and medium-bodied and most notably hail from the vineyards D.O. Utiel-Requena and Valencia.

Horchata de chufas is a traditional drink based on the juice obtained from mashed chufas (tiger nuts). Sweet and aromatic, the milky beverage has served as a refreshing summertime beverage since Valencia's Islamic epoch, when the drink was introduced by the gastronomically talented Moors.

agua de valenciaFinally, the concoction known as "Agua de Valencia" is along the lines of sangria in that it's a cold drink typically served in a pitcher to be shared amongst several people. A delicious way to get a night started or to simply induce lively conversation, Agua de Valencia is based upon the ingredients of cava (Spain's answer to France's champagne), orange juice, vodka and gin, although every locale is sure to add their own special kick. Grab a glass and drink up!

Valencia Sweets
sweetsAs is the case with products like rice, saffron and horchata de chufas, many of Valencian sweets serve as yet another vestige of the city's Moorish history. These confections boast a heavy reliance on almonds, honey and sugar- three favored ingredients of the Moorish community- and are definitely the perfect snack for anyone with a sweet tooth! So hit up the nearest sweet shop- they're not hard to find, the shop windows are usually stocked with delicious treats- and order peladillas, rollitos de "sachi," pastelitos de boniato, mazapanes, or anything else that catches your eye!