Markets in Valencia, Spain


valencia marketKeeping with its age-old tradition as a hub of commerce, Valencia is brimming with markets of all kinds and sizes. If you like the freshest of everything - especially from the Mediterranean and the fertile La Huerta - the city all but overflows with lively markets. Built in 1928, Valencia's immense - it's one of the biggest covered markets in Europe - Mercado Central (Central Market) is hands-down the city favorite, both amongst tourists and locals. A veritable hive of activity, you can cruise around the market's endless stalls seeking out fresh local products- fruits, vegetables, flowers, eggs, meats, seafood, etc. - within this stunning iron and glass Moderniste market.

flea marketAs a city in which life consists of being out in the streets, there are tons of open-air flea markets that pop up in various parts of Valencia with each day of the week. Head to these hippie-style markets - called mercadillos - during the morning hours to shop for anything from clothes to antiques, flowers and random knick-knacks that you didn't even realize you needed. During different holiday seasons, the street market scene expands even more as seasonal specialty markets grace city squares. Particularly enjoyable are the Christmas markets, where cheery holiday caroles and the smell of incense complement the atmosphere as you meander through stalls selling nativity sets, decorations, toys and other Christmas goodies.

Valencia Markets

  • Mercado Central (Central Market)
    Plaza del Mercado, 6
    Tlf: 963 82 91 01

  • Mercado de Colón (Colón Market)
    c/ de Cirilo Amorós
> Valencia Flea Markets ("Mercadillos")

Valencia Holiday Markets