Metro System in Valencia, Spain


metroBoth cutting down on traffic and making moving about Valencia even easier is the city's expansive - and still expanding - metro system. Modern, clean, well-organized and extremely easy to use, the Valencia metro system is particularly interesting and useful both inside and outside of the city. It consists not only of a conventional underground system within the city center but, in addition, also takes on a commuter train-like role in that it branches out to far-removed suburban destinations- a quality that makes it unique among most urban metro systems.

Valencia's metro system consists of four lines; Lines 1 (yellow), 3 (red) and 5 (green) are typical underground railways, while line 4 (blue) is an on-street, light rail system operating along the northern side of the Turia riverbed, spanning from the approximate University area all the way down to the beach zone.

Due to the sheer extension of the Valencia metro system, the city and its surroundings are divided into four zones, A, B, C and D, with A being the zone surrounding the actual city center. For this reason, you'll notice varying Valencia metro fares depending on the number of zones through which you're traveling. However, if you invest in the Valencia Tourist Card, one of the numerous benefits is free public transportation!

Valencia Metro Headquarters:
c/ Partida de Xirivelleta, s/n
Tlf: 963 97 40 40
Tlf: 900 46 10 46 (Information)
Tlf: 963 97 65 65 (Offices)

Tlf: 900 46 10 46 (MetroValencia)
Tlf: 900 72 04 72 (TRAM)