Culture in Valencia's Ayuntamiento Neighborhood


Not only is the Ayuntamiento quarter the hub of official Valencian government activity, it also counts amongst its many assets a hefty of interesting cultural points of interest.

One facet of the Ayuntamiento quarter that is sure to have you gazing upwards and snapping pictures is the architectural variety spread throughout its streets- in fact, the zone's wide range of structures span five architectural chapters. Amongst the simple Gothic chapels, graceful Renaissance churches and stunning Baroque mansions gracing the Ayuntamiento quater, the real standouts are the impressive displays of Neoclassicism and Modernisme present in some of Valencia's most emblematic buildings.

With this kind of backdrop setting a high standard, the sheer variety of offerings in which to experience Valencia's culture in the Ayuntamiento quarter easily measures up! Museums, covering anything from the ideas and concepts behind the Enlightenment to the worlds of ceramics, religion and bullfights, are sure to give you new perspectives on a wide range of topics while concerts and music festivals constantly spring up in various venues. Here in the Ayuntamiento quarter, you can also search for goodies in the boutiques of the Mercado de Colón, see opera stars show off the range of their talented vocal chords at a top-notch performance, or revel in the grandeur and pageantry of a genuine bullfight.

One of the quarter's highlights is the Filmoteca. Set in the very Plaza del Ayuntamiento (City Hall Square), the Filmoteca is part-library and part-movie theater with similar institutions in a very select scattering of Spanish cities. Dedicated to the demonstration and education of the cinematic and audiovisual world, an average of 600 films and 50 specialized film series light up the Filmoteca's silver screens each year, allowing the audience to enjoy cinematic treasures of various lengths, genres, themes and origins- a must for any movie buff!

Where to experience culture in and around the Ayuntamiento:

-MUVIM (Valencian Museum of the Enlightenment and Modernity)
-Museo Histórico Municipal (Museum of City History)
-Museo Colegio del Patriarca (Corpus Christi Seminary School Museum)
-Museo de la Cerámica (Ceramics Museum)
-Museo Taurino (Bullfight Museum)

-Teatro Principal (Main Theater)
-Teatro Rialto
-Sala Moratín

Movie Theaters:
-Filmoteca (Film Library)

Concert Venues:
-Antigua Universidad (Former University)
-Plaza de Toros (Bullring)

Sports Venues:
-Plaza de Toros (Bullring)

-Mercado de Colón (Colón Market)