Gay & Lesbian Valencia


gay clubLike most cities along Spain's Mediterranean coast, Valencia has a thriving nightlife scene full of cafés, bars and clubs that cater to gay, lesbian, or mixed crowds. You'll find most of the gay community's favorites within El Carmen, especially around the Calle Quart and the Mercado Central (Central Market).

The Collectiu Lambda de Lesbianes, Gais, Transsexuales i Bisexuales (The Lambda Association of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals) publishes full listings of gay Valencia, which you can find at gay and lesbian nightlife hot spots or at the association's offices (Calle Salvador Giner 9).

La Goulue
c/ Quart, 32
Tlf: 963 91 36 75
Go here for: One of the gay community's favorites which also features live extravagant performances on Thursdays.

c/ Quart 26
Tlf: 963 91 73 56

Trapezzio Café
Plaza Músico López Chavarri 2
Tlf: 963 91 50 27
Go here for: A relaxed, tranquil locale with an outdoor terrace with tables.

Dona Dona
Portal de Valldigna, 2
963 91 18 38
Go here for: A mixed crowd, but a favorite especially amongst the lesbian crowd.

Café Deseo
Plaza Vicente Iborra, 2
Tlf: 656 42 36 77

c/ La Sangre, 9
Go here for: A fun, high-energy locale with a principally lesbian crowd.

Le Club
Ctra. Fuente en Corts (Fuente San Luís)
Tlf: 963 32 23 27

c/ Embajador Vich, 12
Go here for: A smallish all-night club with an upper-level balcony, electronic music and various nooks perfect for chatting away from the action.

c/ Quart, 34
Tlf: 963 91 73 56
Go here for: A young and trendy crowd frequents this popular gya club with a huge dance floor and glow-in-the-dark gin and tonic.

North Dakota
Plaza Margarita Valldaura, 1
Tlf: 963 57 52 50
Go here for: A bar with a wild west theme.